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As GFS Kimya we manufacture and supply adhesives, industrial adhesives, chemical materials, chemicals, industrial chemicals, water based adhesives, hot melt adhesives, lamination adhesives, tapes, glues, diaper adhesives, feminine care adhesives, nonwoven adhesives, medical lamination adhesives, incontinence adhesives, furniture glues, furniture adhesives, plywood adhesives, cabinet adhesives, countertop adhesives, flooring adhesives, window adhesives, door adhesives, office furniture adhesives, adhesive, industrial adhesive, chemical material, chemical, industrial chemical, water based adhesive, hot melt adhesive, lamination adhesive, tape, glue, diaper adhesive, feminine care adhesive, nonwoven adhesive, medical lamination adhesive, incontinence adhesive, furniture glue, furniture adhesive, plywood adhesive, cabinet adhesive, countertop adhesive, flooring adhesive, window adhesive, door adhesive, office furniture adhesive, automotive adhesives, graphic arts adhesives, print lamination adhesives, soft cover book adhesives, hard cover book adhesives, thermal binding and padding adhesives, bath tissue adhesives, paper towel adhesives, packaging opening systems, packaging handles, hand hole reinforcements, envelope gums, solar panel adhesives, textile adhesives, liquid separation filter adhesives, footwear adhesives, filter adhesives, filtration adhesives, electronics adhesives, assembly material adhesives, reactive hot melt adhesives, structural bonding liquid adhesives.... Gfs Kimya was established in Bursa in 2007. Since its establishment, Gfs Kimya has been operating in the industrial glue sector and achieved great success not only in the country but also in international trade. GFS Kimya is the Turkey distributor of HB Fuller a world leader in industrial adhesives sector. Taking its place among the leading companies in the sector within the activity period, we started to work with speed and dedication and standardized our customer oriented working and quality policy.

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ibrahim EMİRAL
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Ertuğrul Gazi
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İbrahim EMİRAL